Eran’s Jewelry store was founded by Eran Avital. Our friendly staff understand that choosing jewelry for yourself or as a gift is not always a simple task.

We take pride in helping customers to find just the right piece of jewelry – and share in the excitement of choosing engagement and wedding rings, anniversary and birthday gifts.  We will listen to your needs and won’t rush you into making a choice. Our motto is that personal attention leads to happy and satisfied customers. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that a piece of jewelry we have sold will be received with a smile (or even a happy tear or two!)


Eran’s Diamond Pedigree

Eran’s passion for jewelry began 28 years ago when he worked as a Diamond Polisher at the Diamond Exchange, He transformed rough diamonds into sparkling stones and then began creating rings to set the diamonds in.

Eran later became a wholesaler, selling diamond jewelry around the country, but always wanted to have his own store.


Karne Shomeron Store

In 1998 ‘Eran’s Jewelry’ opened in Karnei Shomron Mall, specializing in the manufacture and creation of diamond rings. Our diamond jewelry is manufactured to a high standard and is beautifully designed – displaying the diamond to maximum effect. We sell a wide range of jewelry, from everyday wear to special designer pieces – and at a range of prices. We sell necklaces, bracelets, earringsand watches.. Some lines include diamonds set with semi-precious stones.

Raanana Store

Following the success of Eran’s store in Karnei Shomron, a new branch opened on Ahuza Street in Raanana in 2010 – giving even more people the opportunity to find that special treat or gift.


Next time you need to buy a piece of jewelry, come and see what we have to offer. Chat to our friendly staff about what you are looking for and let us help you pick out a really special treat or bespoke gift that will be treasured forever.